Polo T-Shirts For Men

Men's Casual Crewneck Tee - Black

Rs. 749Rs. 999

Men's Comfort Fit Polo T Shirt - Deep Lagoon

Rs. 1,124Rs. 1,499

Men's Casual Crewneck Tee - Rose

Rs. 749Rs. 999

Men's Comfort Fit Polo T Shirt - Navy

Rs. 1,124Rs. 1,499

Men's Casual Crewneck Tee - Lichen Green

Rs. 749Rs. 999

Men's Comfort Fit Polo T Shirt - Highland Green

Rs. 1,124Rs. 1,499

Men's Comfort Fit Polo T Shirt with Pocket - Deep Lagoon

Rs. 1,124Rs. 1,499

Men's Comfort Fit Polo T Shirt with Pocket - Imperial Red

Rs. 1,124Rs. 1,499

Men's Comfort Fit Polo T Shirt with Pocket - Navy

Rs. 1,124Rs. 1,499

Buy Polo & T Shirts for Men

Well known for their versatility and style, Polos & T-shirts are pieces of menswear that can be worn just about anywhere. You can see people wearing them to parties, sporting events, casual outings and more! It just goes to show how versatile and fashionable a t-shirt can be. When looking to buy fashionable clothes for men, you cannot go wrong with a nice polo t-shirt for men. What’s more? These versatile pieces pair very well with joggers, shorts, jeans and even chinos! T-shirts are an excellent way to express your personality in a fun and light way. With Merchant Marine, you can explore a wide variety of t-shirts & polos and choose from a variety of styles, fits, designs, patterns and more!

To buy polo neck t shirts, all you need to do is browse our catalogue, pick a design that catches your fancy, pick the size that suits you, add it to the cart, and check out. And voila, your t-shirt will be delivered to your doorstep in 2-4 days.

Premium Collection of Men’s Polo Neck T-Shirts

Our Polos & T-shirts are designed for use in all seasons, and on all occasions. With their refined designs, they are perfect for all outfit combos: wear them with anything from a blazer and trousers to just joggers!

Solid T-Shirts
Solid t-shirts are very fashionable. The versatility, comfort and quirky dressing combos you can create make them a solid choice! Given their simple style, they are perfect for when you want to give more attention to your lower wear, like a stylish pair of denim jeans. Conversely, you can also style them with men’s chinos to create a look that’s very nonchalant and cool. These can also be used for the gym, as half sleeve shirts are hardly the right wear for a workout. Pair these solid shirts with a pair of joggers and running shoes for a workout outfit that’s comfy and stylish. Those looking for an elevated level of comfort should most certainly check out our Supima crew neck t-shirts which pair effortlessly with our regular fit jeans.

Polo T-Shirts
An ever-popular option, polo neck t shirts are comfortable and stylish. A very sought after option for those looking to create a sophisticated look. These polos are perfect for wear for boys, teens, and adults - it is simply a must-have. Style them with anything from a pair of cotton joggers to men's linen trousers.

Stay Cool with Merchant Marine Polo T Shirts for Men

Here’s how to style your Merchant Marine tees and polos.

How to style your Tees & Polos

Avoid Layering: T-shirts and polos are designed to be comfy, don’t make them stuffy with an undershirt. It goes without saying that your undershirt will get crumbled or will roll up underneath your tee.

Go for a slightly loose fit: As a general rule, if there’s not enough place to slip your thumb in between your bicep and the sleeves, then you’ve got the wrong size. It can be a size too big, or a size too small. Don’t fret! Merchant Marine offers a flexible returns policy to help you get the right size. Aim to get a size that is not too tight or form-hugging, let the shirt drape over your body.

Get the right length: Nothing is more off-putting than a polo t-shirt that drags on longer than it needs to. It adds an air of messiness. When selecting the size, ensure that when untucked, the t-shirt is not too long. Do not let it extend any further than halfway across your backside. Letting it go beyond will result in your tee getting crumpled from everyday movements.

If you are looking for something more formal, feel free to check out our range of shirts.

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