Formal Shirts for Men

Men's Regular Slim Fit Shirt - Red Wine with Polka Dot Print (Full Sleeves)

Rs. 1,612Rs. 2,150

Men's Filafil Tailored Fit Shirt - White

Rs. 1,950Rs. 2,599

Men's Printed Shirt- Dark Navy Blue with Polka Dot

Rs. 1,612Rs. 2,150

Men's Formal Full Sleeves Check Shirt - Blue

Rs. 1,874Rs. 2,499

Men's Poplin Regular Slim Fit Shirt - Red Gingham Checks

Rs. 1,874Rs. 2,499

Men's Formal Tailored Fit Shirt - Grey Checks

Rs. 1,874Rs. 2,499

Men's Slim Fit Shirt - White with Polka Dot Prints

Rs. 1,612Rs. 2,150

Men's Tartan Twill Regular Slim Fit Shirt - Blue and White Checks

Rs. 2,099Rs. 2,799

Men's Poplin Regular Slim Fit Shirt - Gingham Checks

Rs. 1,874Rs. 2,499

Buy Branded Formal Shirts for Men

You cannot go wrong with a crisp white shirt for that formal meeting. Or a sleek blue shirt for an informal get-together. The right shirt will make or break your look! So it is supremely important to stay up to date with the styles and trends of today and pick the right shirt for the right occasion.

Sometimes, it can be confusing to choose the right formal shirts for men. If you are heading for a professional meeting or a presentation, choose a button-up collared shirt. If you’re looking for something to go under your suit, pick up a men's full sleeve shirt. Depending on the occasion, you can choose between subtle, solid shades such as navy blue, black, grey, or something brighter like white, maroon, or beige for days when you want to be the centre of attention. If you are looking for something to wear for more candid days, choose one of our more colourful and vibrant offerings.

Premium Cotton Collection of Men’s Formal Shirts

Go beyond the basics! Who says that men's formal shirts should be basic? Bid adieu to the same old boring prints and colours. Explore the vast variety of colourful and unique options from Merchant Marine. Our printed full sleeve shirts are perfect for those semi-formal office days, especially because of their attractive designs and fits. You can find a shirt that pairs perfectly with your trusty grey chinos or even your favourite denim jeans! The best reason to buy formal shirts online from us is the sheer amount of variety and high-quality options. There are times when you have to wear your best crisp white shirt like a black-tie event. But it is always fun to show off your cool and casual style with a nice printed shirt. A Filafil shirt is also a stellar choice for those looking to exude a stylish and edgy look, especially when paired with denim or navy chinos.

Merchant Marine brings together the best men’s formal shirts for men under one umbrella! What’s more? Variety does not come at the cost of quality. Each shirt is created using the highest quality fabrics and is finished by expert craftsmen. It is a piece of clothing that is sure to last the test of time elegantly. And the best part is that you can get these fashionable clothes at reasonable prices!

Stay in Vogue with Merchant Marine Formal Shirts

To make sure your impression is distinct - you must understand the basics of picking the right shirt for you.

How to choose the right fit?
There are 2 primary fits when shopping with Merchant Marine - Regular Fit and Slim Fit. If you are looking for a shirt that is breathable, a Regular Fit Shirt will be the perfect choice for you, pick a shirt with a regular fit. These men's formal shirts are created with sides that slide down in a straight line - making them breathable and comfortable. These shirts pair especially well with a pair of comfortable linen pants to create an outfit that’s all about comfort, but does not compromise on style. For Men on the slimmer side, slim fit is a great choice. It is also ideal for those looking to wear shirts with a lean profile. As the tapered sides do not spill out like regular slim-fit shirts.

How to choose the right sleeve length?
When dressing for formal occasions, a full sleeve shirt is an obvious choice, however, lining your dresser with only full sleeve shirts is not the best idea. Mix it up with a couple of half sleeve shirts for those summer days where you’d like to have more comfort. Take it one step further, pick up a shirt with roll-up sleeves to get the best of both worlds.

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