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Best Boxers Collection for Men

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When it comes to comfort and movement, nothing can beat a breathable pair of shorts for men. From gym and running to a casual Frisbee match among friends, these must-have garments are a solution to all things fitness. However, if you have given up running or paused your gym membership, the shorts don’t offer many sartorial possibilities. Or do they?

Unless you’ve been living in a sleeping bag somewhere between the treadmill and the leg press, chances are you’ll wear shorts outside the gym as well. Thanks to the era of athleisure, though, looking fashionable in your sweaty cotton shorts for men has become trendy. However, make sure that the pair of shorts you choose is stylish and comfortable at the same time. Merchant Marine, a premium menswear brand, offers comfort-fit knitted shorts. The subtle collection of shorts are available in versatile colours like grey, black, or navy.

Merchant Marine offers the best workout shorts for men, which look pretty incredible when you’re aren’t working out too. When looking for men’s shorts online, you also need to consider the convenience apart from the price tag. Thankfully, Merchant Marine also provides the best experience on both fronts with their attractive prices, free shipping, numerous payment options, and easy returns.

Merchant Marine - Men’s Boxers

For men, innerwear calls for a breathable and comfortable item that can withstand multiple wears as well as washes. As a working professional, your entire day is packed with commuting, working out, and running around. Especially as temperatures soar and living spaces get warmer, breathability and comfort become major concerns. With the best boxers for men, you can breeze through the day, feeling comfortable inside out.

When you are in the mood to lounge post a busy day at work, a comfy pair of cotton boxers for men is your best friend. Read, relax, or binge on your favorite Netflix series as you unwind in a breathable pair of boxers.

Not only do cotton boxers for men provide you with a cool inner layer for your outfit, but they also keep you comfortable and active as you set about your day. Yes, you can team your cotton boxers for men with formal pants, casual jeans, or absolutely any bottomwear! All in all, this is perhaps the snuggest fabric for men’s innerwear. Choose cotton boxers for men for a relaxed fit and pleasant feeling through the day. Now, with almost every brand selling their products online, you can buy men’s boxers online from the comfort of your home. We, at Merchant Marine, offer an impressive collection of boxers for men that are made from the finest fabric and have the perfect fit so that you stay comfortable wherever you go.

History of Men Boxer Shorts

Invented by Jacob Golomb in 1925, the founder of Everlast, boxers were originally meant for professional boxers to replace the leather-belted trunks they typically wore. Equipped with elasticated bands at the waist, these men’s boxers offered improved movement and comfort.

Today, men’s boxers are no longer limited to the fighting ring. From office-goers to students, boxers provide unmatched inner support to men of all ages as they go about their day.

Men’s Boxers: More Than Just Innerwear

Cotton boxers for men offer a whole lot of avenues to express your individuality, as they are available in a variety of shades and styles. Going to a beach? You can rock a bright-coloured, floral piece to match the vibe? Just want run-of-the-mill underwear? You can rock an inconspicuous black or dark blue-shaded boxer.

Apart from colors, boxers for men come in myriad flattering fit options. Men’s boxers also come in a variety of lengths. These different lengths can significantly affect performance and how they flatter and fit different body types.Cotton boxers for men with longer legs provide extra support to the thigh muscles and are an excellent choice for sports and workouts. Shorter cut legs provide a slimming look for many men.

You can also choose from among cool patterns such as musical notes, skull and bones, geometric patterns, caricatures or cartoon sketches. The possibilities are truly endless when you are looking for the right pair of boxers for men.

Let’s Talk the Fabric

Cotton boxers for men offer a whole lot of avenues to express your individuality, as they are available in a variety of shades and styles. Going to a beach? You can rock a bright-coloured, floral piece to match the vibe? Just want run-of-the-mill underwear? You can rock an inconspicuous black or dark blue-shaded boxer.

Choosing the right fabric is one of the important factors that you need to check whenever you are buying apparel, including boxers for men. When you’re shopping for the best boxers for men, the fabric you select will greatly affect your overall comfort and performance. Let’s look at some of your choices.


Cotton boxers for men are an all-star choice for innerwear. All-natural, soft and cool, it stands up well to washing and wearing. It’s a perfect inner companion to have for work, college, or weekends.

However, cotton boxers for men absorb moisture, so it’s not an ideal choice for active situations. Plus, cotton fabrics also stretch over time, so you can lose a little support over time. Cotton classic blends, such as cotton/spandex and cotton/nylon, can help resolve some of these issues.


Polyester and nylon are the two tried and tested favourites when it comes to ordering boxers online. Both of these fabrics combine a silky and soft touch with quick-dry and lightweight capabilities. That makes either fabric an excellent choice for stretch men’s boxers, especially when there’s a bit of spandex in the mix.

Reasons to Buy Good Quality Boxers

Buying good quality innerwear goes beyond showing off. It affects your mood and how you perform. Buying a high-quality pair of boxers for men can make your day go by a lot smoother than any bog-standard piece of innerwear. Here are some other reasons why you should invest in premium quality innerwear.

Elastane and Spandex Blends

If you’re an active guy, look for men’s boxers with spandex or Elastane in the fabric blend. The blend of these fabrics ensures that the boxers have the required level of stretch and compression. Just like leggings for the ladies, men’s boxers with these materials fit snugly and offer support to your glutes and leg muscles while still facilitating free movement. That makes these men’s boxers perfect for workouts at the gym and sports.

Strength and Durability

In reality, most men don’t buy new boxers frequently, which is why the boxers you have need to be of excellent quality. Any run-of-the-mill men’s boxers will lose their strength, and thus their structure and all the advantages they bring. Some might even tear when you least expect it or lose their colour with multiple washes.

Also, most boxers need to be washed at high temperatures to ensure the removal of bacteria. So your men’s boxers must be able to withstand high temperatures. Only high-quality innerwear can fit that requirement.

However, when you order boxer online make sure you are extra careful about the quality even if you need a pay a little extra. A low-quality innerwear, you’d have to replace it frequently, which wastes both your money and time. On the other hand, premium quality boxers have longer durability and lifespan, eliminating the need for you to regularly shell out money on innerwear.


One of the last things you need is to have boxers that do not allow you to breathe. Low-quality men’s boxers can mean many things: they can be made from the wrong fabrics, be too tight, or have the wrong cut.


Another important factor that you need to keep in mind when choosing a pair of boxers is the fit. An ill-fitted innerwear will not only make you comfortable but will also ruin your look. Whether you are wearing denim or formals, the right kind of innerwear is necessary to accentuate your look.

Merchant Marine: Your One-Stop-Shop for Premium Quality Innerwear

Finding the right boxers that have a perfect blend of comfort and fit is difficult. This is where Merchant Marine, a premium menswear brand can come to your rescue. Aimed at providing high quality menswear that exudes sophistication, Merchant Marine offers a great collection of boxers for men. So, if you’re looking to buy men boxers online, Merchant Marine is the place to be.

Our breathable cotton boxers for men are crafted from cool-to-touch, comfortable and smooth fabrics that feel super luxurious and supple. When it comes to pricing, we offer men’s boxers online at reasonable prices, which are a value proposition considering how long our men’s boxers last.

We also have men’s boxers for every occasion and setting. Whether you want boxers for working out or something to wear at work or college, our diverse range takes care of all your needs. Browse and order boxers online today for a comfortable, relaxing day out.

The best part is the shopping experience at Merchant Marine’s online store. We help you check out the different men’s apparel options (men’s shirts, shorts for men, men’s chinos, etc.) with prices and build a complete ensemble – everything in one place.

What’s more, our user-friendly website will guide you through the entire selection process. Size options, size charts, detailed product specifications, high-quality images, and exclusive offers empower you to make the right fashion decisions. All in all, it’s the perfect place for men’s shopping online.

You also have various payment options at your disposal - UPI, net banking, card transaction, and Cash on Delivery. Not satisfied with our products? We have a no-questions-asked 14-day return policy as well!

Check out our men boxers collection for the most breathable, comfortable, and overall best boxers for men today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I find the best boxer shorts in India?

There’s a world of boxers brands in India offering high-quality products. However, if you want a mix of quality of pocket-friendliness, Merchant Marine is the best brand to order boxers online.

2. What are the best boxers to wear?

Men’s boxers come in various types, lengths, and fabrics. The choice of the best boxers for men depends on your needs. If you’re looking for boxers for workout purposes, a product of synthetic make with a long length might be the right choice. For everyday use, short-cut cotton boxers for men will suffice. You can check out the collection of boxers offered by Merchant Marine to find the best boxers for men.

3. What are the pros and cons of boxers for men?

Boxers are lose and airy innerwear items that are good for a variety of occasions – work, play, lounging. While they may seem shapeless, they work perfectly well with pleated pants. In fact, they’re also perfect for sleeping in. The only con is that they may not offer enough support for physically strenuous activities like exercising.

4. What’s the best store to order boxers online?

If you’re looking for premium men’s boxers, Merchant Marine has a wide range to offer. Apart from the quality and variety, we also offer a fulfilling online shopping experience, with Cash on Delivery and 14-day return options.

5. How many pairs of boxers should I own?

A good approach is to have at least a 2-week supply of innerwear. Of course, you’ll own other kinds of innerwear other than boxers. Buy your boxer pairs according to this quota, after taking your other pairs into account. Even if you go slightly overboard, that’s perfectly alright. After all, you can sport cotton boxers in the privacy of your home as much as you like.