Casual Shirts for Men

Men's Poplin Regular Slim Fit Shirt - Navy Blue Checks ( Half Sleeves)

Rs. 1,349Rs. 1,799

Men's Print Regular Slim Fit Shirt Rosewood Pollen Petal

Rs. 1,349Rs. 1,799

Men's Tartan Twill Regular Slim Fit Shirt - Black Checks

Rs. 2,099Rs. 2,799

Men's Regular Slim Fit Half Sleeve Shirt - Dark Green with Pyramid Print

Rs. 1,424Rs. 1,899

Men's Regular Poplin Slim Fit Shirt - Black Checks (Half Sleeves)

Rs. 1,349Rs. 1,799

Men's Tartan Twill Regular Slim Fit Shirt - Red and Navy Blue Checks

Rs. 2,099Rs. 2,799

Men's Regular Slim Fit Shirt - Floral Yellow Prints

Rs. 1,424Rs. 1,899

Men's Tartan Twill Regular Slim Fit Shirt - Navy Blue Checks

Rs. 2,099Rs. 2,799

Men's Checks Half Sleeves Shirt Regular Slim Fit - Blue

Rs. 1,349Rs. 1,799

Buy Casual Shirts for Men

Very few garments can match the versatility of a good shirt. After all, nothing goes better with a pair of branded jeans than a cool shirt. With the right color, fitting and designs, casual shirts for men can be styled in a variety of ways to create a fashionable look. From smart half-sleeves to trendy fold ups, we’ve got various patterns, prints and fittings to suit your style. We’re inclined to believe that Merchant Marine is the best choice for buying comfortable, stylish and quality mens casual shirts. Whether you are looking for casual checks shirt or some really fancy printed shirts - you’ve come to the right place.

Choose from a variety of different casual shirts - from the good old half sleeves with prints to the new and voguish folding sleeved shirts. Don’t just take our word for it, go on ahead and browse our rich selection of casual shirts. Each of these shirts is available in various sizes to best suit your body! The two things to watch out for are the areas around your shoulders and around your chest. Look at all the charts and pick a size that would suit you best. And if you don’t get it right, don’t worry! We’ve got a hassle-free return policy to best help you get the right size and fitting.

Premium Collection of Mens Casual Shirts

All men own a shirt or two – whether they are students or professionals. These garments are comfortable and versatile pieces of men’s clothes. However, what sets us apart from one another is the styles and designs we chose! This is why Merchant Marine has put together a wide range of casual shirts to help you find the perfect style for you! We want you to look and feel the best you can - in a style that’s uniquely yours. Whether it is a crisp shirt paired with a pair of dark blue jeans or a fancy printed shirt along with a pair of grey denim jeans, we’re here to elevate your style!

Still not sold? Here’s why a shirt is a perfect choice for casual occasions:

- It’s the gentleman’s garment. All shirts naturally carry a certain gentlemanly vibe with them. Whether it’s about striking that crucial first impression with your girlfriend’s parents or perhaps a double date, you cannot go wrong with a nice half sleeve shirt.

- The shirts are stylish. The right shirt can effortlessly carry any outfit combination with their panache. Imagine a crisp half-sleeved white shirt paired with slim fit jeans. A classic outfit combo that just works!

- Casual Shirts strike the perfect balance between casualness and formality. It’s just the right amount of both, letting you effortlessly fit into any occasion. Think about all the cool combos you can create with casual checked shirts and chinos!

Men Casual Shirts: An Option for Every Moment

Want to buy casual shirts, but don’t know which ones to get? Don’t worry we’ve put together a short guide to help you best style your Merchant Marine shirts!

Checkered Casual Shirts: These are great for days when you expect yourself to be outdoors. Grab one with a checkered print and wear it closed or unbuttoned over a solid round neck tee. Best paired with jeans.

Floral Print Casual Shirts: Headed to the beach and need something more creative than a tee? How about a cool blue printed shirt or a red printed shirt Wear it alongside a pair of shorts or men's stretch jeans for the complete beach buddy look.

Striped Casual Shirts: Going clubbing? Or on a dinner date? How about a blue striped shirt or a red striped shirt? Wear a sleek striped shirt with fold-up sleeves along with a pair of smart chino pants or light blue denims to create the perfect look.

As you can see, your style is only limited by your imagination - so feel free to check out our other prints such as Polka, Diamonds, Poplin and more.

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