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If you are looking to buy fashionable clothes for men, then this is the place to be! Merchant Marine offers an expansive range of premium men’s apparel that’s tailored to suit your ever-changing needs. From formal wear to casual wear and athleisure, you can be sure to find styles that best help you #FlauntYourFlamboyance on any given occasion.

From the very start, our mission has been to build a unique portfolio of classic styles to delight our customers. With our selection of Menswear you can be sure to find something that suits your unique style. Hand-picked and trusted by experts, Merchant Marine uses the finest high-quality fabric to make the most durable and comfortable clothes.

Best Men's Fashion Clothing Site in India

Merchant Marine presents menswear created from the finest materials in classic designs. Our collection consists of formal shirts, casual shirts, Supima t-shirts athleisure, linen trousers and more. We pride ourselves on creating pieces that give off an understated look that’s still sure to turn heads, which is why our website is the perfect way to shop for stylish clothes for men. From smart full-sleeved shirts to our signature twills, you can pick and choose an entire outfit that best suits your desired look, all from the comfort of your home only on our website.

Browse our styles to your heart's content, because every garment comes with a promise of unmatched quality and finish. No matter what you pick, our men’s clothes are sure to elevate your persona. With our plethora of offers and collections, it goes without saying that we are the preferred choice for today’s fashion-conscious gentleman’s menswear needs.

Men’s Topwear

Shirts: Our shirts are designed to be classy, fashionable and give off a natural aura of confidence - perfect for making a lasting impression. Merchant Marine offers a huge selection of price-conscious and trendy options for men’s clothes - be it formal shirts or casual shirts

Formal Shirts: Featuring meticulous cuts, timeless palettes and patterns, our branded formal shirts are the ideal choice for your black-tie events, meetings and more.

Casual Shirts: From stripes, checks, solids, dots, prints to various cuts, sewing styles and textures, when it comes to showing your playful and casual side, we’ve got you covered with the stylish casual shirts.

Polos T-shirts: A favourite part of almost any man’s wardrobe, t-shirts are a staple piece of clothing today - from polo t-shirts to crewnecks, you can pick from various classic & timeless styles to maximise your comfort right here on Merchant Marine.

Supima T-shirts: Softer, Stronger, and more vibrant, Supima tees are the right choice for those looking for a premium t-shirt that’s sure to raise their style and comfort level.

Bottom Wear for Men

Denim Jeans: A great pair of men's denim jeans is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. Jeans are versatile, comfortable and stylish - a perfect canvas to build your look upon. From movie nights to club crawls, a pair of denim jeans will take you to many places in style.

Chinos Pants: Designed for durability and comfort, our chinos are perfect for daily wear, an unmatched choice value, style and fitting. Our chinos are offered in a variety of colours to help you best match your style and fashion aesthetic. Wear them for casual occasions like casual outings, evening walks, and ice-cream dates.

Boxers: Finding the right pair of boxer shorts is not a challenge with Merchant Marine. Have a look at our men’s boxers that are made especially for comfort. Woven with pure premium cotton, these printed shorts have an inner elastic band with a super soft finish which is perfect for all-day wear.

Linen Trousers: Imagine the comfort chinos in the style and form of men’s denim jeans - and you would have a twil. The best of both worlds, these linen trousers are the right choice for occasions that require an elevated level of comfort without compromising on style.

Athleisure: We offer joggers that have been crafted in a lightweight and premium quality fabric so that you sport a casual look. Each pair is cropped to the right length, allowing you to wear them as smart trousers when the need or desire arises. These trusty joggers are the perfect piece of athleisure wear for a lazy day at home or an active day at the gym.

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