Stylish Checks Shirts for Men

Men's Cotton Slim Fit Check Shirt - Hot Red & White

Rs. 1,799Rs. 2,399

Men's Slim Fit Check Shirt - White and Phantom

Rs. 1,492Rs. 1,990

Men's Slim Fit Check Shirt - Phantom & Atlantis Green

Rs. 1,492Rs. 1,990

Men's Cotton Slim Fit Check Shirt - Blue Multicolor

Rs. 1,799Rs. 2,399

Men's Cotton Slim Fit Check Shirt - White & Phantom

Rs. 1,799Rs. 2,399

Men's Cotton Slim Fit Check Shirt - Sailor & Atom Blue

Rs. 1,799Rs. 2,399

Men's Cotton Slim Fit Check Shirt - Sailor Blue & Rose Tan

Rs. 1,799Rs. 2,399

Men's Cotton Slim Fit Check Shirt - Imperial Blue & Red

Rs. 1,799Rs. 2,399

Men's Cotton Slim Fit Check Shirt - Dark Indigo & White

Rs. 1,799Rs. 2,399

Buy Stylish Checks Shirt for Men

Wearing the right shirt with the right outfits can do wonders for your look. So choose your shirt with care, because a shirt is a perfect way to express your personality. And when it comes to showing personality, checks shirts are perhaps the best choice. With a wide range of options, you can be sure to find a shirt that suits your style. If you do not own a checkered shirt yet, you should definitely look into our collection of checks shits.

Chances are that most men have worn a checks shirt at some point in their life, and for good reason! Checks Shirts are semi-formal shirts with stripes being laid out in a criss-cross fashion to create squares all over the fabric. These shirts are perfect for creating a look that’s chic without being too informal. When would you want to wear a half sleeve checks shirt? For anything from a hot summer day to an outing to the beach, a comfy casual shirt is much preferable to a formal long sleeve shirt. And with an endless number of colors, combinations and patterns to choose from - checks shirts can be used to create a variety of looks to best suit your fashion needs. You can take your style quotient even higher by also shopping for dashing slim-fit jeans to go along with your checks shirts. At Merchant Marine, you can easily find stylish checks shirt for men in various designs and sizes. So don’t hold back, browse our collections to start adding the latest and most stylish clothing to your wardrobe.

Stay Cool in Men’s Checks Shirts

A half-sleeve checks shirt is perfect for keeping your cool in India’s tropical climate. However, with so many options to choose from, picking the right one may seem daunting. This is why we have put together a handy guide to help you make a wise choice!

What fabric should I pick?

At Merchant Marine, we offer hand-picked styles curated for you. You can find shirts in Filafil, Poplin, Cotton fabrics. Here are the best benefits of each one: Cotton shirts are quite the staple due to their durability, comfort, and moisture-absorbent properties. Men’s half sleeve shirts are especially popular due to their designs and ease of use. Filafil shirts are tailored for a stylish and edgy look. Poplin shirts are known for their strong, crisp fabrics with silky, lustrous surfaces - perfect for a sporty or active look.

What fitting should I pick?

Slim-fit shirts are perfect for showing off your physique, and on the other hand, regular fit shirts are the ideal choice for giving yourself room for extra maneuverability and comfort. On our website, you will find casual checks shirts being offered in both options. Have a look at the size chart and pick the checks shirt that would suit you best. And upon delivery, if you feel as though you may prefer something a size smaller or bigger - do not worry. You can easily get it replaced to a size of your choice.

What sleeve length should I get?

Like fits, choosing the right sleeve length completely depends on your needs and preferences. Our checks shirt for men are offered in full sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, and half sleeve lengths.

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