Trends for Autumn: Styles that are Stealing the Spotlight

on July 31, 2021

Autumn, a cross between the effervescence of summer and reticence of winter, is almost here and fashion-forward men must begin reading their wardrobe accordingly. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. While we all know a tip or two about warm colours and layering up, following these doesn’t always end up in success. We don’t of course mean procuring a whole new autumn-exclusive wardrobe. The season of fall comes year after year and great fall fashion is overwhelmingly about reinvention, reinterpretation, and experimentation. 

Here are four wardrobe staples that every man owns – or must own at any rate – and related trends that are going to shape menswear this autumn:

Slim-Fit Chinos

Slim-fit chinos are the modern man’s most versatile sartorial friend. They look sharp, are easy to dress up or down, offer great comfort, and come in a spectrum of colours. The last point makes them a particularly favoured autumn outfit since a large chunk of fall fashion is about aligning your outfits with the changing colours of the season. You can opt for sombre blacks, greys, and browns and olive green slim-fit chinos this autumn. Combine with full-sleeve checked shirts, colour-block sweatshirts in contrast shades, and black or white hoodies depending on the look you wish for a business casual, smart casual, or ultra-casual.

Crew-Neck Tees

Exuding an easy going breeziness of summer fashion, a crew-neck tee may not be the perfect autumn-wear outfit, but layering it good and proper can create an array of Instagram-worthy looks. Two infallible tips to follow when layering are: the thinner fabric should be on the inside and thicker on the outside and lighter colours on the inside and darker on the outside. You can include an effortlessly chic unstructured blazer, the splendidly sporty gilet, the good old denim jacket, and tremendously cool unbuttoned plaid flannel shirt with a crew-neck tee.

Printed Shirts

Though it never really left, the printed shirt is going to be even bigger and better this fall with crazy prints and funky, over-the-top patterns. When it comes to half-sleeve shirts, water-colour shirts, dreamy and nebulous, are going to be the flavour of the season. In addition, floral, leafy, kite, and pyramid motifs – not over-sized but miniscule and minimalist – are going to rule the roost. The less intrepid may simply go for various types of checks, such as gingham, tartan, and graph checks among others. 

If your wardrobe is far from autumn-ready and you aren’t sure where to begin, try Merchant Marine to begin with. This exclusive menswear brand has a superb collection of sartorial essentials for men including, but not restricted to, the aforementioned items. So why wait? You have a reason and a season, so start shopping now!


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