The Secret Formula to Buy a Well-Fitting Shirt

on September 30, 2021

The button-down shirt is a men's fashion marvel. This staple garment with a collar, sleeves that taper off to a cuff, and buttons down the front is versatile enough for any occasion, but only if you have the right fit. Having said that, it can be painfully challenging to find the right fit, especially if the shirt is ready-made!

When the shoulders are perfect, the waist is too baggy; when the waist is perfect, the sleeves are too loose, and the chest is too tight when the sleeves are perfect. In short, the struggle is real.

But what if there were a tried-and-tested formula that could help you buy a well-fitted shirt every single time? Why there is!

Here’s Merchant Marine's magic formula to help you shop for the right shirt fit.


  1. Watch out for the Shoulder Seams

The seams must rest at the edge of your shoulders, never on top or over them. If you have broad shoulders, it's all the more important to ensure that the seams sit comfortably within the yoke (each of the corners where your shoulders go). The shirt must not feel tight around your armpits.

Conversely, the shirt should not overhang from these points. If the shirt fails in this area, look elsewhere! For shirts made of 100% cotton fabric and expertly crafted, shop at Merchant Marine.


  1. Consider the Chest

Your ideal shirt will fit you comfortably around your chest and across the upper back for unrestricted movement of the arms. It will not feel tight, just snug. If you find the buttons pull, struggling to stay put in their respective buttonholes, your shirt is too tight.

Another way to test the fit is to stand and extend your arms in front of you – If you feel the fabric stretching across your back, the shirt is too tight again.

If you're searching for your ideal fit, Merchant Marine’s premium half and full-sleeve shirt collection, available in solid colours and all-over prints, is a must.


  1. Don’t Forget the Length!

The shirt's hem should be long enough to be comfortable, whether it is worn tucked or untucked. To test the untucked look, button your shirt and make sure its tail falls just past your pants' back pockets. For a tucked-in look, tuck your shirt and raise your arms. The tail should not pop out of your pants. You can even bend to touch your toes and see if the shirt pops out. If yes, then it’s too short.

You can opt for Merchant Marine’s premium cotton shirts that are highly customisable, from their collar and cuffs to their back pleats and hemline.


  1. Even the Collar’s Important

The last thing you want is a hard-to-breathe collar on you. To ensure this doesn't happen, go for a collar that offers room for at least two fingers to fit after you've buttoned the collar. Any more room indicates a loose fit, and any less will leave you out of breath.

Based on the circumference of your neck, Merchant Marine’s shirts can be customised so that you’re always ready to turn heads with a classic suit and tie.


  1. The Overall Look (Body/Waist)

Most people have the notion that men’s shirts are straight-cut. Well, at least a well-fitted shirt like something from Merchant Marine is not! A well-fitted shirt typically tapers from the chest to the waist. It follows the contours of the body to create a clean line. That way, when you tuck in, there’s no excess fabric hanging out.


Parting thoughts

So that was all about finding a shirt that looks tailored to your body. But what about one that matches all your aesthetic needs? Merchant Marine has got you covered both ways! Our premium cotton shirts are breathable, lightweight, and available in a variety of shades and prints. And don't worry, we'll tailor the shirt to your body; get it customised in terms of sleeves, hemline, cuffs, collar, and more. Shop today!










So that’s for buying a shirt that’s tailored to your body; what about one that’s tailored to your sartorial needs?

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