Modern Athleisure - A game changer in men's fashion

on September 01, 2021

Modern Athleisure - A Game Changer in Men’s Fashion

Athleisure is the free pass to constant comfort. It keeps you comfortable throughout the day while ensuring your fashion game is on point. The trend of athleisure for men has seen a boom recently with men realising that they can look good and feel good effortlessly, at the same time. With premium clothing brands such as Merchant Marine, leading the way with their subtly influenced and sophisticated collection, the trend of athleisure is here to stay. Let’s take a look at how athleisure is changing men’s fashion and all the faux pas one needs to take care of:

Defining Athleisure

As the name suggests, athleisure is the combination of authentic and leisure wear. The concept is all about dressing laid back yet edgy. Athleisure for men is the perfect blend of style, practicality and functionality. 

What to Wear in Athleisure?

When we say athleisure, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. These clothes are not the same as your sportswear for the very fact that they are far more stylish. Let’s look at what to wear in athleisure:

Knitted Joggers

Joggers that are cropped to the right length will make you wear them as smart trousers. Whether you are heading to the gym or having a lazy day, slip into your pair of joggers and look stylish. Merchant Marine has a selection of joggers that are lightweight and made of premium quality fabric. A pair of joggers is the right pick to sport a casual look.

Knitted Shorts

You can also choose knitted shorts for times when you want to feel carefree and comfortable. You can wear knitted shorts to the gym, park, office and even for shopping. The knitted shorts by Merchant Marine are made of 70 per cent cotton and 30 per cent polyester. The fabric feels luxurious and light on the skin.

Yoga Track Pants

Look for yoga track pants that are lightweight and minimalistic with a monochrome design. Make sure that the pants have optimal stretch and softness so that your performance doesn’t deplete while exercising. Merchant Marine offers knitted yoga track pants made of 70 per cent cotton and 30 per cent polyester. Their four-way stretch keeps away sweat while allowing effortless movement.

Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

Athleisure wear is one of the simplest and easiest types of clothing you can team up with t-shirts, shoes etc. and look stylish. But, you need to steer clear of these fashion faux pas.

  • Do not wear skinny fits because they make you look more put-together and bring down the whole concept of athleisure
  • Stick to minimal and subtle prints. Adding too many printed pieces will be a style spoiler. When wearing athleisure, you need to know that minimal prints make you look neater and gathered than clothes with loud prints

Final Words

Mixing athleisure wear with your usual weekend wardrobe pieces goes a long way in creating an individual style statement. Also, invest in good sneakers as these are your go-to footwear. Check out the collection of athleisure for men on Merchant Marine and make your own collection.


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