How to Travel in Style in Summers

on May 12, 2022

How to Travel in Style in Summers

Knowing what to wear while you are travelling is a very important decision every man has to make. Choosing style and comfort at the same time is not an easy task.

Say no, to the scorching heat in style & travel worry free. The single mantra you need to follow is- “keep it simple”. Don’t over do any of your outfits. Follow the thumb rule of putting in minimal efforts to get maximum impact.

Here are some tips and clothing choices you can make to travel in style and make a lasting impression this summer.

Try Light Layering

Choose outfits that can be easily layered. You can use your shirt, jacket or even pull overs as layers to style over your basic Tees. Keep in mind the fabric of your basic T-shirt needs to be light & breathable to give the comfort and stylish look at the same time.

You can easily switch between adding or taking off your layer, depending on how you feel and the personality you want to carry.

Go Monochrome

Styling in summer while travelling can be a challenge when you try to do many things in one look. To keep it simple and to the point, try picking one colour or a single colour palette for your outfit.

You can opt for an all white look- a white supima t-shirt with white denims or an ensemble of full denim attire- a denim shirt & denim jeans. You can also try summer colours like blue shirts or tshirts with navy blue shorts or chinos. Step out confidently as you shine bright in the cool summer vibes.

Carry Your Basics

Wherever you go, whatever your destination be, make sure you have packed your basic t-shirts, and jeans. A basic look never gets old, it only becomes more classic. Try your blue denim over a white shirt or t-shirt, and add some light accessories if you are comfortable like a beaded bracelet on your wrist or sunglasses etc. to complete your look.

Avoid Bulky Clothes

Try to avoid heavy denim jackets or silk & polyester based shirts & T-shirts as they will make you perspire more in the summer heat. Make sure you always wear your sock in case you opt for sport/formal shoes to avoid your feet from sweating.

Keep Multiple Options

While you travel in summer clothes need to be washed immediately after they are used. Which means you cannot repeat your looks quite often. Make sure you have enough outfits to mix and match and wear rather than repeating any frequently.

Refrain from Flashy colours

Neon colours are too flashy, while the dark colour palette can also be avoided during day time.These colours usually hit in the eye and don’t bring out the best of your personality in summers. The colours also tend to attract attention unnecessarily. If you wish to set a pleasing vibe and positive personality, try outfits that have summer cool colours.

Hope the above list helps you plan your look for summers to travel in style and comfort. Happy Travelling!


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