Here’s why you should go for Supima Cotton T-shirts

on November 19, 2021

You must have adored a white t-shirt every time to wear it. Why not? It is a classic evergreen basic piece of clothing, that never goes out of style. The white t-shirt is simple and versatile. Crew neck t-shirts are sure to be in every men’s wardrobe.

With work from home being the new normal setting, our Supima cotton t-shirts are grabbing attention. They are comfortable, can be worn in pyjamas and look great during video conferences with colleagues as well! They shine through semi-formal and formal occasions with ease. For men who are staying at home more than ever, and for men who want to showcase a casual, yet confident look, these t-shirts are your answer.

Before you go online for shopping crew-neck t-shirts, we’ve curated a guide on why Supima cotton t-shirts are fit for wardrobe collection.

In this post, you’ll come to know how Men’s Supima cotton t-shirts can fit in your daily wear and how crew necks have been around in fashion for decades.

The colour and softness of the Supima cotton t-shirt are unmatchable since not all cotton fabrics are the same. The fitting of these t-shirts will stay perfect for a long time. It is super soft and gives a classy look. These are a perfect choice for an Indian man of today.

Crew necks add versatility to Supima t-shirts. Comfort is what we look for in t-shirts today. Crew neck styles come fitted, loose, or muscle styles. There are various other styles as well such as v necks, scoop necks, collared shirts, etc. Check out how crew necks differ from each style, making the most preferred choice for Supima t-shirts.

Crew neck and scoop neck –

They are similar in shape. Hence they are always confused with each other. However, crew necks are a little higher and more towards the neck. Scoop necks are low and have a wide neck. The collarbone is visible from the scoop neck t-shirt.

Crew neck and undershirt –

Crew necks were actually designed from undergarments. They are called interchangeably as most undershirts are crew neck t-shirts. However, undershirts are thinner in nature so you can tell the difference. It is not heavy when it is layered.

What are the occasions to wear Supima t-shirts?

Buy Supima cotton t-shirts to pair with jeans. A classic staple outfit that people love every time they are in a casual setting. They are seen to be worn more than casual shirts! If you are looking for a semi-casual look, then pair this Men’s Supima cotton t-shirt with khaki coloured pants.

These t-shirts can also be worn during a workout, on pyjamas, or if you have a casual outfit day at the office. They are your go-to t-shirts when you run out of any creative fashion styles to wear for the day. These are sure to look as appealing as the other outfits that you must have spent time in pairing up.

Why choose Supima cotton t-shirts?

Supima cotton t-shirts come with crew necks. They have a round neckline that rests on the collarbone. This design makes it perfect to pair with a few clothes such as a sweatshirt or a jacket over the t-shirt and joggers or pyjamas. It gives a more casual look than other t-shirts.

You are bound to beam with confidence with such an outfit. They are comfortable, smarter, and stylish. The t-shirts are perfect to go for any occasion.

Supima’s crewneck t-shirts never go out of style.

The crew neck t-shirts are just another alternative to a classic t-shirt that comes with a round neckline. And why do we say that our t-shirts are evergreen? Because these crew necks t-shirts come from a very long history.

In the nautical origin, the oarsmen or horsemen had made this style of t-shirts popular. Hence, the name crew-neck t-shirts come from the crew of the ship. Later, even miners adopted this style and the trend continued to pass on!

Then in the 1930s, the t-shirts were a staple outfit for farming and ranch activities in the Midwest. After several decades, the crew-neck t-shirts were the talk of the town, as they were a common piece of the outfit. Teenagers used to wear them while playing or as daily wear.

A few tips to style Supima t-shirts for your daily wear.

Most commonly worn by American footballers, now these t-shirts are embraced by men all over the globe. Be the star of the show with our exciting range of crew neck t-shirts.

Casual look – Our crew neck t-shirts with pockets are all set to give you a perfect casual look. Pair them with sneakers and chino pants, for complete casual summer days. And yes, add a jacket for glooming winters. Your friends are going to love your style at the get-together.

Semi-formal look – These dynamic t-shirts are paired with various kinds of clothes. Pair them with denim pants, or add on a coat, for a cohesive semi-formal look. These are perfect for a cocktail party or weekend dinners with colleagues.


Buy Supima cotton t-shirts from Merchant Marine

Irrespective of how to shine your crew neck t-shirt, it is always recommended to buy it from a reliable seller that promises quality at an affordable price. At Merchant Marine, we specialize in a variety of crew necks t-shirts that come with and without pockets.

Our Supima cotton t-shirts represent timeless fashion, premium quality fabric as they are made with 100% cotton, keeping in mind the comfort of men. Our customers experience best-in-class design, affordable shopping, and an enjoyable purchase experience.

Did you know? Buying from Merchant Marine is a lot cheaper than buying from a store. You’ll be happy to experience the quality, rapid delivery, free shipping and easy return policies. You can also order in bulk by reaching out to our wholesale team!

So, what’s the wait for? Buy Men’s Supima cotton t-shirts now!



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