Give Your Basic T-shirts a Twist With These Style Tips

on September 10, 2021

As the famous author Leigh Bardugo once wrote, ‘It’s just another weapon. Its power depends on who wields it.’ No adage can be more relevant when describing a t-shirt. In the uninitiated hands, a t-shirt is well…a t-shirt, usually worn thoughtlessly above the same pair of jeans.

However, in the hands of imaginative and fashion-forward, a t-shirt can be a sartorial weapon capable of turning heads, and making you the centre of attention for any setting, be it work or play.

So if you’re bored of how basic your t-shirt ensembles look, here are some tips to help you make the most of these wardrobe essentials. You can look for some stylish and comfortable t-shirts on Merchant Marine, a premium menswear brand.


T-shirt under a Shirt for a Relaxed Look

As the promise of summer dwindles and gives way to the winter, wearing a well-fitting t-shirt under a shirt over relaxed chinos or denim can be your seasonal-sartorial fix . Not only will this ensemble keep you warm, but it can also define your bodyline impeccably. Plus, this combination works well with any type of shirt make, from checkered and plain to a striped and even a half-sleeve!

If you're not sure where to begin, check out Merchant Marine’s range of premium t-shirts to elevate this look further.


T-shirt as an Undershirt

Go back to the roots and don a t-shirt as initially intended for – an ‘undershirt.’ You can sport a plain white tee under an everyday business shirt for a casual impression. You can also go the extra sporty and chic mile and wear it under everyday clothing, for instance, a sweatshirt. Just make sure your t-shirt sticks slightly below the sweatshirt to achieve that much-needed contrast.

Talking about contrast, Merchant Marine’s t-shirts come in a plethora of shades, offering you a diverse set of outfit variations to choose from.


White T-shirt with Blue Jeans for an Iconic Look

Forever fresh, forever cool, and forever fitting, the combination of a white t-shirt with blue jeans has been a timeless classic. Think James Dean like suave!

Suitable for a weekend date, an afternoon in a café, or even casual business meetings, this minimalist ensemble can make anyone look good. You only need to ensure the t-shirt and jeans go along well. After that, nothing can go wrong.

Merchant Marine's diverse collection offers comfortable white t-shirts in a variety of configurations, from V-necks to Crewnecks, for your everyday style needs.


T-shirts with Dress Pants for a Casual Look

It doesn’t get more “dressing down” than featuring a solid t-shirt above a pair of dress trousers. With this set, you are well-dressed for every occasion, whether a client meeting or a traditional gathering.

This outfit usually looks best with contrasting colours, such as Black-White, Blue-Off-white, or Light Grey-Navy Blue. Also, to make the most of this look, you can tuck in the solid t-shirt for a more understated look. Regardless, the possibilities are endless.

Achieve this look with Merchant Marine’s collection of premium t-shirts, available in the colour of your choice.


T-shirts under Blazers

Tired of wearing shirts under your blazers as your go-to office outfit? Try something new by replacing it with a t-shirt. Doing so can give your ensemble a casual and preppy touch. Depending upon the type of blazer you have on, your look can range from elegant to sporty. But remember to only wear crewnecks, because V-necks under blazers is a fashion blunder you want to avoid.


It’s Your Turn

With these inventive styling tips in your sartorial arsenal, you can now use the most basic t-shirts to create new outfits and achieve an awe-inspiring look.

Merchant Marine can help you in your quest for a fashion-forward t-shirt ensemble. Check out our vast collection of premium, durable t-shirts, available in various hues, sizes, and configurations.








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