Basic Must Haves for Every Man’s Wardrobe

on February 02, 2022

Basic Must Haves for Every Man’s Wardrobe

Good basic must-have pieces of clothing is something that one may wear all the time, be comfortable in and that one doesn’t want to let go. Although it is believed that such type is clothing brings nothing to men's fashion. But once you put together these basic clothes, it can give simple and effective outfits. They are risk free, simple and basic clothes and yet they do their job real well. When our minds are foggy in the morning or when we're in low spirits, we're happy to be able to count on these unpretentious outfits. It's a way to turn off the brain to focus on something else. When you want to quickly pack a suitcase, it's rather appreciable too.

Basics of Basic Clothing

Good basics are always the same. It is not necessary to invent a new outfit every morning, a new combination of clothes can help create a new look. One can simply prepare and recycle outfits and use these clothes always together. Firstly in an effort to keep it simple, always select colors that are as neutral as possible. When you don't want to worry, you have to opt for colors that do not denote. When even the coffee hasn’t managed to wake one up, it's definitely not the time to dare the purple/brown combo. For an easy-to-wear everyday wardrobe, navy blue, beige and white are good choices. White pants are often perceived as complicated to wear. And yet, it is an excellent 'basic' for building an outfit. One may select a strong piece to tone up the look, but make sure it's always in a neutral color.

Choose a Causal Over-shirt or a Casual Jacket

This is the secret of this famous simple and effective outfit. It's not a blazer, which is too chic, besides a blazer jeans combo is not really a basic outfit. A simple jacket or over-shirt will be much more versatile and will fit into more outfits. The secret is to opt for colors that are easy to wear. Ideally, it will be the highlight of your outfit. Preferably, it will have details and finishes that will enhance it.

Jeans and Chinos always Work

Having a good selection of jeans in your wardrobe is an essential base. Most fashion conscious guys have a dozen or so jeans that constantly rotate and all of which have specificity. Either very short for ankle boots, very thick for winter or very light for summer. Generally, faded jeans are more difficult to match. Therefore prefer dark blue raw jeans to build a simple outfit. Second alternative are chinos. These are pants that are in the same spirit as jeans, but dressier. These pants will suit those who do not wear jeans. They are often much lighter than the latter, which makes them perfect pants for summer. The sand or beige colored chinos are an excellent base that must be used and abused to create these famous simple outfits.

Selecting the Right T-shirt or Shirt

Although it doesn't matter much as both will be under the jacket/over-shirt and will not be too visible. A t-shirt will have the advantage (or the disadvantage) of being more relaxed than a shirt. If you opt for the latter option, avoid pristine white. A striped or slightly textured shirt will be much nicer. Shirts with the right fabric can be reserved to make a more traditional outfit.


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