A style guide to wear denim at work

on August 20, 2021

A Style Guide to Wear Denim at Work

A pair of denim is no longer restricted to casual outings and fieldwork. With open work culture, offices are allowing denim at workplaces as a part of their easy-going corporate culture and employee-centric approach. With premium brands such as Merchant Marine offering a collection of cool and stylish denim in different colours and fit, you can definitely find something that meets your needs. However, if you are planning to wear a pair of denim to work, there are some basic mantras that you need to follow so that you don’t look out of place. Read on to find out how to create a style statement at the workplace with jeans for men.

Team it up with a Sporty Jacket

A light jacket will go well with denim. You can pair a cotton twill or corduroy jacket in solid colors. However, make sure you pair it with a neutral shade of shirt or t-shirt so that you don’t look over dresses. For instance, you can pair the premium stone wash twill jeans by Merchant Marine with a white shirt and sporty jacket on a Friday. 

Wear Denim with a Blazer

If you want a semi-formal look, you can pair denim with a blazer. However, avoid extremely formal blazers such as a double-breasted one when you plan to pair it with denim. You also need to stay clear of navy blue blazer, especially when you are wearing indigo jeans. The safest bet is to wear a blazer with light blue coloured denim.

Blue Denim and White Shirt

The combo is super cool and never goes out of fashion. Pair a crisp white shirt with your all-time favourite denim and you will look effortlessly stylish. You can wear a slim fit or twill jeans from Merchant Marine with a white shirt to complete the look. However, a straight fit or pencil fit is more on point than other fits.

Denim with Suit Jacket

It’s repurpose time! Why not re-use the jacket from a matching suit and team it up with denim. But, this looks more of an evening look than an office look, the reason being suit jackets have more tapered fit. You can wear this combination to an office party and look no less than a dapper.

What Else to Take Care of?

Although denim with jacket, blazer, or white shirt is a complete look, there’s no harm in adding a little touch-up. Let’s find out how:

Wear a belt

A stylish belt can make the whole combination look trendier. Wear a belt that has a catchy buckle to amplify the look.

Pay attention to shoes

Always wear good leather shoes. Wingtips, saddle shows and brogues are some styles that will do justice to the attire.

Don’t feel comfortable in denim?

While denim might be one of the most comfortable clothes, many are not alright with wearing it. If you are one of them and don’t want to buy men’s jean, replace denim with chinos. Merchant Marine has an impressive selection of chinos that are perfect to wear to work. Make your pick and the pair of chinos will reach your doorstep.


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