7 Ways to Style up Your Joggers Without Looking Sloppy

on September 15, 2021

If there were a single theme to characterise men’s fashion in the past decade, it would be the relaxation of dress codes. The modern man gets to look put together and sophisticated, without the standard suit and tie.

Casual is now king, to the extent that a garment as unabashedly laid-back as the jogger pants get to enjoy the staple status.

While originally, joggers were deemed suitable only for the gym, the rise of athleisure wear has made them the ideal legwear for pretty much any occasion (except for a job interview, of course!). Provided, you know the sartorial rules. Merchant Marine, a premium menswear brand, offers an impressive collection athleisure wear designed to perfection. Here are the top 7 ways to style your Merchant Marine joggers without looking sloppy.


  1. With a Classic Tee

The humble tee has become a bonafide wardrobe essential and can perfectly complement the casual vibe joggers exude. Simply pair your jogger pants with a t-shirt, preferably crewnecks, and sneakers for that effortless yet chic look.

Don’t want to come off as a try-hard? Ditch all-over patterned and jazzy prints and choose a solid-coloured basic tee. You can also explore a wide range of options from Merchant Marine's premium tee collection if you're looking for one.


  1. With Tailored Pieces

Joggers and tailored pieces? Doesn’t sound impressive, but with refined joggers bustling into the scene, it’s possible to give your two-piece suit look a modern twist. To pull off this look, go for darker shades and blazers made of soft, tactile materials. As for the shoes, the classic Derbys are your safe side.

You can also shop for some premium jogger pants at Merchant Marine to achieve that refined, tailored look you're aiming for.


  1. With a Button-Down Shirt

If the occasion calls for a smart-casual outfit, you can make your joggers work as long as it’s not for office. Simply pair them with Merchant Marine's crisp button-down shirt and slip into a stunning pair of loafers, boots, or Oxfords. As for the colour, suede will lend you the quasi-formal touch you’re looking for.


  1. With a Trusty Gym Tank

Nothing puts a man into workout mode quite like a classic gym tank! A contrasting tank top made of breathable fabric and a nice pair of joggers will help you look slick when you hit the gym. While the ensemble sounds easy to pull off, pairing dark-coloured joggers with light-shade gym tanks is your safest bet.

Choose between three brilliant shades from Merchant Marine’s moisture-wicking jogger pants collection and ace the gym look!


  1. With a Sweatshirt

Jogger pants and a sweatshirt is the ultimate fashion cheat code you can't miss out on. Dress down with some stylish boots, sneakers, a fancy-dress watch, or other structured items. Or, add some nifty chains to ace the street glam!

Just make sure your sweatshirt and joggers are not too baggy for this look to work. Merchant Marine has some purpose-built knitted joggers that will not sag at the knees and lend you an overall tapered look.


  1. With a Washed Denim Jacket

Nothing screams "cool" like a slim-fit washed denim jacket worn over dark-hued joggers! Just slide into some stylish sneakers and accessorize with an analogue-digital watch, and you're good to go. Explore some impressive colour choices for your tees at Merchant Marine.


  1. With a Cotton Vest

There is a certain irony about joggers. While they’re considered activewear, they’re equally perfect for slumping around on the couch for those super-lazy weekends when you have friends come over. Try the slick, i-woke-up-like-this look by putting on a cotton vest over a snug pair of Merchant Marine joggers. That way, all you’d have to do is layer the look with a basic tee or shirt in case you need to make a quick run to the supermarket.


Switch Up the Jogger Game!

So, seven days, seven looks right? But how will you pull them off without some practical, sturdy, and moisture-wicking joggers? Merchant Marine has you covered! Shop for joggers that will pretty much work for every conceivable occasion. Choose your size and colour today!




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