5 Summer Fashion Essentials for Men

on May 03, 2022

Isn’t this what every man is constantly worried about? Well, we got your back. To beat the scorching heat this summer, you need to style cool.

Fashion and luxury might take a back seat for few men when it comes to stepping out while the mercury levels go up. But should that stop you from making an impression? Hell, no!

Up your style game by choosing the perfect lightweight, comfortable, and a feel good versatile fabric. Here are 5 ways to stay stylish while the temperature rises.

1. Classic T-Shirts & Polos

T-shirts & Polos are the classic summer top wear in mens wardrobe. These not only help you look cool and give a summer ready look but they are the most comfortable choice of outfit for every man.

While shopping for your T-shirts or polos make sure you opt for a pima or supima cotton fabric as they are softer in touch and help you tackle the heat in the best possible way. Make it a habit to check the label to know the garment information to pick the right fabric.

While opting for colours, be on a look out for neutral shades which will add a pleasing vibe to your personality. Colours like white, grey, or beige never go wrong while styling with any bottom wear for men.

2. Breezy Shorts

We know you might find this funny while talking about bottom wear for mens. But this isn’t a joke for summers!

Shorts that are comfortable and have a relaxed fit is a match made in heaven. Be on a look out for knee length shorts that sit well along your waistline and the fit remains comfortable throughout.

Men also have an option of stylish boxers that are a fashion trend these days. Keep in mind you shop for either a cotton or linen fabric with shades like khaki, navy blue or olive while shopping for shorts.

In case you intend to go all out with your summer vibes there are options available in floral printed shorts for men as well. Don’t feel shy to get all stylish for your next trip!

3. Comfortable Shirts

To many this might be a nightmare, to pull off a full sleeve shirt or rolled sleeves look in summer.

Well, the answer all lies in the fabric! Avoid silk, satin or polyester fabrics. Choose shirts that are made of breathable material. Keep the top button unbuttoned and roll-up your full sleeves. A shirt in white, pale blue, and striped poplin or linen will set you up for any occasion.

4. Versatile Pants

A man's personality is shaped largely by their pants fitting. Let the summer not spoil your A game.

Men know this, Chinos are your best friend! These super light pants are great versatile options for work and the weekend, while lightweight jeans are a nice break for more casual outings.

5. Cool Accessories

Yes! Accessories are very much a men's thing as much as it is for a woman. Stylish and comfortable shoes, loafers, sunglasses, minimal accessories like a beaded bracelet or a chain around your neck will complete your summer look.

Go get ready to head out and shine bright!


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