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When it comes to comfort and movement, nothing can beat a breathable pair of shorts for men. From gym and running to a casual Frisbee match among friends, these must-have garments are a solution to all things fitness. However, if you have given up running or paused your gym membership, the shorts don’t offer many sartorial possibilities. Or do they?

Unless you’ve been living in a sleeping bag somewhere between the treadmill and the leg press, chances are you’ll wear shorts outside the gym as well. Thanks to the era of athleisure, though, looking fashionable in your sweaty cotton shorts for men has become trendy. However, make sure that the pair of shorts you choose is stylish and comfortable at the same time. Merchant Marine, a premium menswear brand, offers comfort-fit knitted shorts. The subtle collection of shorts are available in versatile colours like grey, black, or navy.

Merchant Marine offers the best workout shorts for men, which look pretty incredible when you’re aren’t working out too. When looking for men’s shorts online, you also need to consider the convenience apart from the price tag. Thankfully, Merchant Marine also provides the best experience on both fronts with their attractive prices, free shipping, numerous payment options, and easy returns.

What Makes our Shorts Different?

Apart from being comfortable, and now, fashionable, Athleisure shorts for men also have some lesser-known benefits like:

  • Premium Quality Material: At Merchant Marine, we use the finest quality of fabric to produce the best apparel in the market. The super-comfortable shorts from Merchant Marine are made from superior fabric, which feels light on your skin.
  • Enclothed Cognition: Enclothed Cognition refers to how wearing certain clothes can have a psychological response and change how people behave. As a result, wearing sports shorts can make you feel more motivated and perform better.
  • Comfort-Fit: No matter how you spend the day, a comfortable pair of shorts can help you stay stylish throughout the day. Moisture-wicking properties of cotton shorts for men improve your performance by controlling your body temperature, lowering sweat volume, and ultimately, increasing your exercise duration. Our knitted shorts are a go-to choice when you want to feel comfortable and carefree.
  • Great Value: Given their use case, shorts are made durable so that they last for long. When properly maintained, you can get years of use out of a pair. Overall, they are an excellent value for money option, considering the comfort and flexibility they bring to the table, or rather, the bench.

If you’re still scratching your head over how to create a chic outfit with shorts for men, here are ten tips to make your performance shorts perform well on the ‘Gram’.

  1. For a stylish and edgy ensemble, pair your sports shorts, preferably navy, with a light-blue long sleeved t-shirt. To inject a dose of sophistication, round off the outfit with suede low top sneakers.
  2. If you’re an enthusiast of pared-down and laid-back looks, try pairing your shorts with a red sweatshirt. Introduce a pair of leather sandals, preferably black, to the equation to complete the look.
  3. A black or navy sports shorts with a black tank is a match made in heaven, especially if you appreciate a casual and relaxed look. Finish the look off with a pair of light-coloured sports shoes.
  4. Spending a day at a beach is all about being breezy, and shorts are as breezy as it gets. Opt for cotton shorts for men with a tank top and a funky pair of flip flops. Crocs are also an excellent footwear option.
  5. For a fashionable and functional ensemble, pair a dark green shirt jacket with dark-coloured sports shorts. As for rounding off the look, black leather tassel loafers will instantly offer a dash of refinement to the entire get-up
  6. Black long-sleeved t-shirt and dark-shaded sports shorts are a fantastic combination when paired together in a contemporary setting. Light-coloured high-top sneakers are an ideal way to finish off the look. For good measure, you can also throw on a cool-shaded cap.
  7. For another great addition to your casual arsenal, you could match the relaxed feel of shorts with a multi-coloured, printed short-sleeved shirt. Add beige low top sneakers to give the outfit a more elegant finish.
  8. Looking for a vibrant look? Well, you can team a white crew-neck t-shirt with dark coloured sports shorts and a bright yellow beanie. You should go with mustard high top sneakers for the final element and finish the look in style.
  9. You can also choose a layered path and combine your sports shorts with a hoodie or a windbreaker. A simple pair of white sports shoes will suffice.
  10. Continuing the layered approach, you can also don a sweatshirt instead of a windbreaker and achieve a smart look. Make sure both the top and bottom are dark-coloured. As for the footwear, you can introduce a bit of earthiness to the mix with olive sports shoes.
  11. Bored of wearing shoes? Well, you can also achieve the same level of casual with a pair of brown leather sandals.

Why Choose Us?

Our breathable shorts are made from buttery-smooth, cool-to-touch fabric that feel super luxurious. In terms of pricing, we offer men’s shorts online at reasonable prices, which provide immense value when paired up with our shorts’ durability.

Merchant Marine has shorts for every mood, occasion, and style. Whether you want shorts for a workout or something to wear at the picnic, our Athleisure line caters to all your needs. Browse and buy shorts online for a trendy, fashion-forward look.

Another reason to shop with Merchant Marine is the convenience our online store offers. You can view different men’s apparel options with prices and create a complete ensemble – all in one place. Plus, our user-friendly website interface will guide you through the entire selection process. Size charts, size options, exclusive offers, detailed product specifications, and high-quality images enable you to make the right fashion decisions.

As for payment options, we offer a variety of them – UPI, card transaction, net banking, and COD. Get more power as a buyer with our 14-day easy return.

Check out our Athleisure collection for the most comfortable shorts and liven up your wardrobe. Head to our online store today to buy shorts online.