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Slim Fit Jeans

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A perfect balance between fit and comfort, slim-fit jeans are a widely popular denim choice. With their lean and clean cut, slim-fit jeans exude the skinny-fit’s brazen chic but none of its discomfort. Likewise, they’re as relaxed as straight-fit jeans, but are free of its lack of structure. A pair of slim-fit jeans stylishly tapers at the lower half, flattering the contour of your legs. It boasts a just-right silhouette; one that is neither over-the-top, nor self-effacingly modest. This type of jeans first caught on during the golden age of Westerns and steadily grew in popularity, becoming a sartorial mainstay for its astonishing versatility. The best part? A pair of slim-fit jeans is so flexible; styling it is typically as easy as pie. You can virtually pull it off with collared shirts, fitted tees, and even casual suits.

The Merchant Marine collection of men's slim fit jeans brings out the best of this classic denim style. Available in varied colours and sizes, every pair is made of superior-quality denim – a fact that is amply reflected in its texture and appearance. Designed along the lines of the original slim-fit jeans that had a subtly tapered fit all the way through the thigh and leg, our slim-fit jeans are created to be durable and offer superlative comfort. While navy blue and black are the usual favourites, we also have colours like light blue.

Though it’s hard to go wrong with men's slim-fit jeans , a useful tip or two never harmed anyone! Read on to gather some pearls of sartorial wisdom!

For a small-casual look, go for a pair of black jeans, teaming it with a classic red gingham shirt and derby shoes. For a more dressed-down look, wear a solid white crew-neck T-shirt with a navy blue pair of jeans. Amplify the laidback vibe with trainers. Alternately, you could create an artfully layered look with the same navy blue pair, teaming it with an unbuttoned light blue denim jacket and solid grey crew-neck tee. Seal the look with a pair of suede Chelsea boots.

If you’re looking for jeans that has timeless appeal, boasts great quality, and offers a fit that’s neither too loose and nor too tight, you are at the right place! Though the slim-fit can vary tremendously from brand to brand, the ones at Merchant Marine are marked by the standard cut that has always defined slim jeans. Note that men with thicker legs may find that slim-fit jeans are tight around their calves or thighs. The trick is to simply go up a size – the hem and length can be adjusted accordingly.
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As a brand specializing in men’s fashion for over three decades, we have developed an innate understanding of menswear – its evolving forms and nuances. Every creation at Merchant Marine is an amalgamation of thoughtful design and meticulous craftsmanship.

We go to great lengths to ensure only the finest raw materials are selected for our products. Colour-fast and resilient, our clothing is naturally durable.

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