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There is no item of clothing in a man’s wardrobe as timeless and classic as a perfectly tailored shirt. When it comes to form and function, nothing can beat the inherently sophisticated appeal of a shirt. Even the most basic shirts for men can be styled in a multitude of ways for a distinctive look, yet one that retains its true function. With customisations available in various departments such as placket, cuffs, collar, back pleat, sleeves, and hemline, the choices of shirt for men available on Merchant Marine are truly endless.

Every modern man must possess the right shirt collection, as it’s undeniably the most important piece of clothing in his wardrobe. Apart from helping you look sharp, the best shirts for men also reflects your individuality and expresses your choices, culture, and aesthetics.

Merchant Marine’s collection of shirts for men is designed for the 21st century man who’s always on the move. Drawing inspiration from both traditional and contemporary styles, our collection of best shirts for men is versatile. Perfect for any occasion, be it work or a weekend outing, Merchant Marine’s men’s shirts help you make an effortlessly elegant statement. Create a smart look on the go with our branded shirts for men. You can buy men’s shirts online from their website as the process is easy and hassle-free.

What sets us apart? To craft the best shirts for men, we choose the most premium materials. Browse through our collection of best shirts for men and you will feel the distinctive apparel. Discover what suits your style from our wide range of premium shirts and buy men’s shirts online. From twin pockets and florals to slim-fit shirts and casual shirts for men, we have a shirt for every occasion and occupation.

Not convinced to buy men’s shirts online? Here’s a list of shirts we offer, compatible with every closet.

Checkered Shirts

Signature of a typical guy next door, checkered shirts exude an easy-going and laid-back attitude. This is a classic wardrobe staple and great to wear all-year-round. You can pick a short-sleeved one for the warmer months and move to a full-sleeved one come winter. You can also layer it with a jacket or use it as a layer itself over a t-shirt – the possibilities are numerous. The bright colours instantly add a dash of brilliance to any ensemble, so you don’t have to worry about adding colourful pants, accessories, or shoes. When you visit us to buy men’s shirts online, pick our exquisitely crafted Poplin Red Gingham Checks Regular Slim Fit Shirt featuring the quintessential red and white combination. Pair it with a washed denim and seal the look with a pair of white sneakers.

Solid Shirts

Solids are a perfect partner for a dapper blazer and classic leather shoes. Known for their classic formal vibe, solids are an embodiment of minimalism. The single flat colour stands out uniquely in the sea of stripes and prints. Pair it up with formal trousers and shoes, and what you’ve got is a formula that works on every occasion. Solid casual shirts for men also allow a variety of colour choices, from toned-down soft shades to downright bright and jarring. Choose our Filafil Full Sleeves Tailored Fit Shirt to leave an impression on those around you. Available in different hues, this classic item features a lustrous finish.

Striped Shirts

If you’re scratching your head over what to wear, the answer, nine times out of ten, lies in the folds of a striped shirt. Famed for its versatility, a striped shirt can transform from formal apparel to an everyday outfit just by casual roll-up of the sleeves. A black vertically-striped shirt with sleeves folded, worn with light blue jeans and brown leather shoes, will be a perfect outfit for a weekend clubbing night. And that’s just one possible combination!

Shirts and Joggers

Polo t-shirts share the sporty vibe of joggers. So naturally, both items go well together. However, if you want a more casual look rather than sporty, choose a light and soft style of joggers. A more polished look will require joggers made with a slightly heavier fabric. If you have plain, solid joggers, you can even wear a patterned polo to give a twist to your look. The details and patterns will immediately make your polo the star of the occasion, with your joggers playing the supporting act.

Printed Shirts

Shirts for men with abstract and toher prints may be a bit tricky to style, but certainly worth the effort. Pair our Pine Tree Print Slim Fit Shirt with a dark pair of chinos, and you’re ready to head to a party. For a dinner date, pick our Rosewood Pollen Petal Print Regular Slim Fit Shirt. When choosing printed shirts, make sure you don’t go overboard with the prints. Remember to pair these with solid trousers and chinos.

Half-Sleeved Shirts

No casual shirts for men are perhaps as comfortable and easy-going as a half-sleeved one. It’s a perfect addition to one’s spring and summer collection. Also, it fits perfectly with denim. Like florals, half-sleeved shirts look fantastic with shorts. If you’ve got big guns to show off, half-sleeve is the way to go. The best part? Half-sleeves come in all of the styles mentioned above!

Even though few apparel types match the elegance of a shirt, it’s nevertheless imperative to choose your clothing wisely. Find a fabric that complements your body type, pick your fit carefully, and choose a style compatible with your body frame. A slim-fit shirt could make you a bit uneasy, and a free-size shirt might leave you floating. Your shirt defines you. Therefore, wear one tastefully. Start building your collection on Merchant Marine today.

Why Merchant Marine?

At Merchant Marine, we help you channel your individuality by offering fabrics and design options in line with the latest sartorial trends. This is the Merchant Marine advantage.


The provenance of our shirts for men is essential to us. And a shirt is only as good as the fabric that it’s cut from. Fortunately, we at Merchant Marine know our fabrics! From supple Poplin and Cotton to high-quality linen, only the finest yarns are selected and woven into what ultimately becomes a Merchant Marine Shirt.

Along with the high-quality raw materials, we also take care of every little detail. Our manufacturing line involves only well-defined processes and state-of-the-art machines. Perfect branded shirts for men are a sum of their parts. We want your shirts to last longer, even if it means less shopping.


Our three decades of experience comes with healthy expertise in craftsmanship. As a result, every luxury shirt of ours, from cuffs to collars, is constructed for extreme durability without compromising on the visually striking seams.

Customer Experience

Apart from our top-of-the-line branded shirts for men, high-quality raw materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, we also provide a seamless experience when you order shirts online. We offer some convenient features such as free shipping, easy returns, and refund policies when you order shirts online, all of which result from our undying dedication towards offering better customer service. Buy the best luxury shirts at Merchant Marine today. We bring you a hassle-free online men’s shopping experience, made possible by our ultra-simplified browsing, selection, and payment processes.


1. What shirt collars should I choose for business wear?

Most of us do not pay attention to the collar style in a shirt. But, when you buy mens shirt online, you will be surprised to find different styles of collars in the category. Let’s look at some collar types recommended for business wear.

  • Point Collar: This is a standard or say default business collar in North America. The spread is small and the stiffness is medium in most of the shirts.
  • Tab Collar: Though vintage but distinctly classic, tab collar has an underlying tab beneath the leaf of each collar to fasten the top button. It is not open at the neck, so can be worn with a necktie.
  • Spread Collar: The distance between collar points is wider in spread collar. It is ideal for wearing thicker types of ties that are made of cashmere, wool or heavy fabrics.

2. How do you buy a shirt?

Buying a shirt could be tricky, especially when you don’t have too much of experience in shopping. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you order shirts online.

  • The seam, neckband and hem of the shirt should look smooth and lie flat
  • Shoulder seams should be symmetrical
  • Fabric should be light-weight
  • Don’t go for shirts with wrinkled or tight underarm seams

3. What are the different types of shirts every man should have?

With men becoming more fashionable and conscious about what they wear, we see different types of shirts making space in the men’s fashion segment. Not all types will match your taste, and to help you stay on top, we have made a list of some of the must-haves.

  • Full sleeves shirts
  • Half sleeves shirts
  • Printed shirts
  • Checks shirts

4. Which type of shirt is best for men?

All types of shirts for men are good, but it depends on your personal style, body type that which one suits you the most. Merchant Marine has a collection of best shirts for men made from premium fabric that will match your taste and enhance the personality. You can check out full sleeves, half sleeves, printed and checks shirts from our collection. Apart from this, there are other types of shirts for men that are hot on the runway these days.

  • Flannel shirt
  • Cuban collar shirt
  • Dress shirt
  • Oxford button-down shirt
  • Chambray