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Created in 1873, the first pair of jeans was catered towards providing durable clothing for the American farmers, labourers, and miners. Since then, jeans for men have transcended to become a wardrobe staple for every man. From nine-to-fivers to students, everyone has a pair of jeans stashed in their wardrobe. Not only do they offer a stylish option for practically any occasion, but they also serve as an emergency sartorial retreat for impromptu hangout plans or work meetings.

Merchant Marine has an awesome collection of slim-fit jeans that you wear anywhere. We also feature an array of stylish jeans for men, available in stone, beige, navy, and grey colours. Being a premium brand, we provide our customers with a seamless online shopping experience, wherein you can create your entire ensemble in just a few clicks! On top of that, our easy returns, cash on delivery options

Even though jeans are a ‘wear-it-on-the-go’ apparel, here’s a detailed guide on how to wear jeans in different settings so that you’re always the best-dressed man in the room.


If you’re a college student, a pair of light-coloured jeans for men will bode you well. A pair of light-coloured, slim-fit jeans are a crowd favourite, as it goes well with everything. However, make sure to keep a dark pair of jeans as well. They act as a quick fix for your formal shirts during formal events or presentations.

As for the top, jeans pants for men blend well with white t-shirts. However, you can try other solid colours as well. Captioned t-shirts also have a college vibe to them. But tread lightly with these, as it’s easy to go overboard and ruin the look. For guys with bigger builds, a pair of straight-fit jeans for men is an ideal choice. Straight-fit jeans for men have a 90s feel to them. That’s why they’re perfect with other apparel that nod to that era – think chunkier shoes and loose tees.

A close cousin of men’s slim-fit jeans, skinny jeans for men is another excellent option for college and casual wear. But these skinny jeans for men only work on guys with slender builds. Also, make sure the rest of the outfit has a similar fit as well because a loose t-shirt on skinny jeans will throw your silhouette off and ruin the ensemble.

As for the footwear, college life screams sneakers. So it’s best to combine your jeans pant for men with a pair of washed-out sneakers. For a funkier look, you can also slap on high-tops. Loafers are best for a relaxed look.

Casual setting and Parties

A timeless pair, t-shirts and jeans pants for men, offer a quick fix for any casual outfit problems. Almost all types of tees, be it crew-neck, V-neck, full-sleeves, or turtle-neck, work with a pair of jeans. A polo t-shirt also works and offers a regular wear solution fit for both work and a casual hangout with friends.

Nothing screams confidence and style like an all-black ensemble. Going for that black-crew neck t-shirt with black slim-fit jeans is a great party look for various body types. For the more daring men, a pair of white jeans for men is a quick way to create a killer ensemble and diversify your style. One outfit that works best for parties is a black tee with white jeans. Accessorise and put on black boots to complete the look.

For serious party monsters, shirts work the best. The black and white combo works both ways with shirts as well. You could also go a little overboard and don a black satin shirt on white men’s slim-fit jeansand black boots to create an ultimate party look. Choose only solid, full-sleeved t-shirts as half-sleeves, checkered, or striped may seem slightly out of place.

Suffering from traditional outfit woes? Well, an orange or maroon kurta with black, blue, or white men’s slim-fit jeans and mojari will take all of them away! Short kurtas work as well! Merchant Marine also offers twill jeans in beige and navy colours if you wish to go all out with your get-up.


For the workplace and casual Fridays, shirts with slim or regular-fit jeans for men would be a good option. However, don a shirt that has something going on for it, like patterns and stripes. Wearing a plain shirt on jeans pants for men feels a bit lazy. If you wish to put more effort into your outfit, you can also accept the aid of a good belt and shoes.

Don’t have a patterned or striped dress shirt? Well, putting on another layer will help you well. A blazer with slim-fit jeans is an iconic mash-up and is a relaxed combination with enough sophistication and style.

In terms of the belt, pick one with a rich-coloured leather strap with a decorative yet minimalistic buckle. For shoes, stay away from plain black or brown work shoes, or worse, sneakers. Wear something which offers visual interest, like brogues, wingtips, or saddle shoes, preferably leather.

Choosing Shoes

Luckily, slim-fit chino pants work in harmony with a variety of footwear options. The go-to choice for a casual outfit is, of course, a clean white leather sneaker with beige or navy chinos. Suede, leather, or chukka boots also work well for both casual and formal outfits. For khaki chinos, a brown boot is the best option. Black boots with black chinos are also a classy combination. A Mojari or brown moccasin with a traditional outfit is sure to turn some heads.

Why Merchant Marine?

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Designed to perfection, our trendy pieces of menswear stand out from the crowd. At Merchant Marine, we make sure that our collection of menswear is made from the finest fabric and premium materials that ooze a statement of luxury. Right from the first cut to the last stitch, we make sure that our ensemble has the perfect fit.

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