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Chinos are the modern man’s wardrobe essential. They are the wardrobe’s all-rounder, sort of a box-to-box midfielder of men’s bottoms. Well, you get the point. Not only are they perfect for a casual look, but also smart ensembles. Be it for traditional occasions, work, or parties; you can fit them in anywhere. It’s the one definite antidote to complaining that denim is all men have to wear. You can even call it the oxford shirt of pants - flexible enough to be dressed down or dressed up, and always in style!

Chino pants for men are perfect for wearing to work or a casual outing on the weekend. These are also great if you wish to take a break from everyday life. You can don them and embark on the next adventure you have planned, be it hiking on a trail or a bike ride. The stretchy fabric of these men’s stretch pants makes movement easy without you having to worry about damaging them.

However, finding the right chinos for men can be challenging, especially if you don’t know your way about them. At Merchant Marine, we bring to you a collection of perfect-fit chinos designed from the finest fabric. Pair them with a casual tee shirt or a suave shirt and you are ready to seize the day!

Chino Pants-Formals with a Twist

Chino pants originated in the Spanish-American War of 1898 when American Armed forces stationed in the Philippines were issued military pants cut from China’s twill fabric. Hence, the name ‘Chinos.’ From there on out, chino pants have been used interchangeably with the Khakis. However, Khaki refers to a colour and chinos to a type of apparel. Chinos are less formal than dedicated pants and dressier than a pair of casual jeans. Additionally, the plethora of colours chino pants come in distinguishes them as an attractive choice for most gentlemen.

Speaking of colours, Merchant Marine has a surplus of choices in that department. From cool navy and the OG beige to striking whites and minimal greys, Merchant Marine has chino pant for every occasion and style preference. If it’s the comfort that you’re worried about, our premium men’s stretch pants might solve that dilemma as well!

The Right Way to Wear Chinos for Men

Perhaps the most appealing fact about men’s slim-fit chinos is that they can be paired up with virtually any kind of t-shirt or shirt. All you have to do is change the shoes and top, and you will have a completely new look.

Pair it with the Right Topwear

For a more formal setting, classic chambray or a linen button-down shirt is the ideal partner for chinos for men. Patterns and stripes are also a welcome addition, provided that you don’t go overboard. If an event demands a dressier outfit, you can choose black or navy slim-fit chinos to match the dress code. To go all out, you can even add a blazer on top of your shirt. As is a rule of thumb in fashion, the brighter the colour, the more informal the outfit. So, make sure you shoot for darker shades for a formal event.

On the other hand, if a casual stroll across the town is what you’re looking for, a t-shirt is your best friend. If you want a more polished casual look, pair your slim-fit chinos with a bright polo t-shirt. If the weather is a bit cold for your taste, you can also throw on a jacket for the good fashionable measure. Fortunately, chino pants for men also go well with kurtas and short kurtas. So if you’re looking to up your traditional outfit ante, men’s slim-fit chinos are an ideal choice.

Choosing Shoes

Luckily, slim-fit chino pants work in harmony with a variety of footwear options. The go-to choice for a casual outfit is, of course, a clean white leather sneaker with beige or navy chinos. Suede, leather, or chukka boots also work well for both casual and formal outfits. For khaki chinos, a brown boot is the best option. Black boots with black chinos are also a classy combination. A Mojari or brown moccasin with a traditional outfit is sure to turn some heads.

Choosing Colours

Given the umpteen colours, chino pants for men are available in, you need to understand the function of every colour before you fill your cart. If you want the ultimate throw-on-and-go outfit, a navy chino, along with a simple white t-shirt, is your best bet. The staple khaki or olive green chinos lend any outfit an air of authority and suavity. What’s more, khaki chinos are compatible with many colours. If khakis are a standard issue for the battlefield, greys are ideal for the boardroom. Compatible with every skin tone, greys are a perfect foundation to build upon your workweek looks. However, it also mingles well with your off-duty wardrobe. Like grey, black slim-fit chino pants also provide a blank canvas to build both your smart and casual outfits.

For the more daring men out there, pastel chinos for men are also an option. Pastel chinos can surely liven things up a bit but pose many catastrophic consequences if you go overboard. Before putting on these summer stable pastel chinos, the main thing to remember is to keep everything else you’re wearing as toned-down as possible. Though they aren’t as arresting as some of the neon shades, pastel chinos definitely make you the star of the show. Therefore, make sure the colour of your top complements the bottom without being overly matchy.

Why Merchant Marine?

With more than 35 years of experience, we strive to provide our customers with the best-in-class design and superior quality ensemble. We provide premium quality and sophisticated chinos manufactured using the finest fabric. This allows us to deliver you men’s chinos of impeccable style and finest of sartorial quality.

Our chinos are constructed from the finest quality twill yarns and cotton, enabling us to deliver a finished product fit for the modern-day gentleman. Our men’s stretch pants feature the highest quality elastic for durability and comfort.

Lastly, our swift and free deliveries, easy returns and refund, and an overall user-friendly shopping experience allows you to browse through our collection, place your order, and receive the product with any hassles!